Four Steps to Reading God's Word

The Bible is God's word for us. The Gospel is a 'living word'. It has something to say to everyone who hears it, reads it and more importantly responds to it. God's word has the power to transform us. You might be curious about how to read the Word of God. Below are four steps that can help you read scripture.

Before you begin

  • • Choose a small section, for example, a number of lines, a paragraph or something like a parable.
  • • Choose a time of day that suits you to pray. Some people prefer mornings. Others prefer a time around bed-time.
  • • Choose a place to pray. It could be a room in your home, a Church or outside.
  • • Try to set aside a regular time _ prayer-time can be helped if it is the same time regularly.
  • • Use the four steps to structure how you can pray.


1 Read the Passage

  • • Read the text a few times, slowly.
  • • What is the Gospel saying?
  • • References are indicated by a raised letter (a-z) in the text and are provided after the explanatory notes.

2 Meditation

  • • What is the Gospel passage saying to me?
  • • What is the Gospel passage saying about my life?
  • • What is the Gospel passage saying about my world?
  • • What do I come to realise and understand?
  • • What do I see now?

3 Prayer

  • • Use the Gospel passage words to make a prayer - pray the Word of God.
  • • Respond to God with God's words.
  • • Respond in prayer to the words of the Gospel - e.g. prayer of thanksgiving, praise, repentance or petition.

4 Contemplation and Action

  • • You can repeat all the above stages as often as you like.
  • • Reading God's word is about receiving wisdom, realising that God's word permits me to see things in a new light.
The Four Gospels

The Four Gospels Booklet produced for IEC 2012.